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CPA review course discount growthSince 2008 the United States has been suffering from an ailing economy and rising unemployment rates. This is largely due to the public policy that the current administration has developed and forced upon the American people. Large government has successfully stifled business over the last century and continues to do so.

There is one industry that has not only not been touched by the recent downturn, it just keeps growing. The public accounting industry has exploded in the post 9/11 era because of big government laws and additional tax rules. Certified public accountants are needed more now than they ever have in any past generation. The IRS, in fact, just went on a huge hiring spree where over 10, 000 agents were hired to keep up with all of the new tax laws for the health care system.

It truly is full employment for accountants and CPA. This explosion in job growth has also resulted in the expansion of accounting degree programs and certification courses. There are several different CPA review courses available to students looking to start a career as an accountant, but two of which seem to be the highest rated and give candidates the knowledge and information to pass the CPA exam. The two courses are Roger and Wiley CPA excel.

Roger CPA review was founded and developed by Roger Phillip in the San Francisco Bay area. He started the company with just a few initial students and now it has turned into one of the nation’s leading review course providers. This is really an American dream type story. Roger excised students with his passion for teaching and enthusiasm that they can pass the CPA exam just like he did 25 years ago. His interactive online course gives students the availability of a real instructor with the convenience of learning from home. It’s an innovative new look at review materials. He gives students discounts because Roger CPA review offers promo codes.

Wiley CPAEXcel on the other hand offers a great look at the future of the professional review industry. They set out to make a new and innovative product that allowed professors from all over the country to teach candidates with their online system. Since Wiley purchased CPA excel a few years ago, they have even taken the ideas and fundamentals of creating an award-winning course to new levels. They offer their entire course at low prices and CPAExcel review course offers promo codes for students and military personnel who can’t afford a top-rated study course. This is a great system because it gives candidates small amounts of information, so that they can understand it and don’t have to worry about memorizing huge textbooks all in one sitting.

Since the accounting industry has been growing faster than any other business sector job, this is a great opportunity for students who want to major in business to start lucrative, life-long careers doing something that they love. Look into starting a career in accounting. I think the future of America might depend on it with all the new rules and tax laws.

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