Preschool Supply Stores

Both of my girls learned how to cut with scissors safely in the 3-4 year old age range.

Washable School Glue (white or clear - I like Elmer's brand)

I stock up when it's cheap and on sale in September -

I'm the lady in line buying 10 bottles to get through the year.

The check out people always ask if I'm a teacher, um...yeah... kind of.

Glue Stick (again, I go with cheap and washable)
I like the ones that go on purple then dry clear.

Tissue Paper

Aluminum Foil

Magazines and Catalogs

(think seed and flower catalogs, etc.)

Old Calendars (animals are popular)

Scrapbook Paper Scraps

Newspaper Words

Colored Envelopes and

Greeting Cards

One of our favorite collage projects is making a paper doll house.

I draw a big house shape on a piece of large paper (from my big drawing pad)

think triangle roof and big square and rectangle rooms.

Then, the girls cut out pictures of magazine furniture, lamps, rugs, kitchens

and "furnish" and "decorate" the house together.

5. Re-Cycling

You'd be amazed how many great art supplies are just waiting for you in your re-cycling bin

to create musical instruments, sculptures, collages, etc.

Cardboard Scraps

Toilet Paper Tubes

Paper Towel Tubes

Plastic Bottle Caps

Cereal Box Cardboard

Aluminum Pie Plates/Pans

6. Watercolor Paints

I love this simple first painting medium for young children.

They get immediate results, it's easy to clean up. It's Beautiful!

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