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Kaplan employees at New York Cares Day

Kaplan Gives Back

We know that education can open doors – to new opportunities, a better job and a better life. A passion for giving back is simply part of the Kaplan culture.

The Kaplan Educational Foundation
Through the Kaplan Educational Foundation's Leadership Program, we serve talented community college students who have the potential to become influential in their communities and professions. The Foundation's comprehensive, multi-year commitment to each student includes scholarships, academic advising, tutoring, leadership development, career counseling and other resources needed to help them complete their associate's degrees and continue their studies at competitive four-year universities.

Students in the program have already transferred to schools including American University, Morehouse College, Mount Holyoke College and New York University.

The DREAMers Education Initiative
Through the DREAMers Education Initiative, highly motivated, young undocumented immigrants can enroll in Mount Washington College and earn an associate's or bachelor's degree in business administration or information technology.

Kaplan understands the challenges students, especially undocumented immigrants, face on a daily basis; we believe the cost of education should not be one of them. Now highly motivated students who demonstrate need can pursue a college education that leads to a career-ready degree.

The Learning By Giving Foundation
Kaplan is also proud to support The Learning By Giving Foundation, which shares our mission to give back to local communities. The Foundation, started and funded by Warren Buffett's sister Doris, offers the first-ever free online course on effective charitable giving. When registering for the course, students have the opportunity to submit grant nominations on behalf of charities in their communities they feel deserve the Foundation's money. After a peer review, charities with the highest scores are awarded the grants. The course is open to the public; for more information visit

Community Outreach Activities

Kaplan Employees at New York Cares Day

From Los Angeles to London and Tel Aviv, employees are actively engaged in Kaplan-sponsored initiatives that help students achieve their educational goals.

We spearhead numerous scholarship programs, tutoring initiatives and volunteer activities around the world to assist students in underserved communities. Among the many organizations we support are:

  • ACCA-ICPAS Student Society (AISS)
  • Acharai ("Follow Me")
  • Care International
  • Chicago Cares
  • Children's Home Society of Broward and Palm Beach County
  • Citizens' Committee for Children of New York
  • Every Child a Chance Trust
  • Helena Kennedy Foundation
  • National Trade Union Conference (NTUC)
  • New York Cares
  • PUENTE Learning Centers of Los Angeles
  • Reading is Fundamental
  • Riverfront, Inc.
  • Rugby Union Players' Association of Australia
  • Singapore Armed Forces Reservist Association (SAFRA)
  • Teach for America
  • United Way
  • Urban League of Broward
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