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Spanish for Healthcare Professionals — $9.99!

Spanish for Healthcare Professionals contains more than 600 medical terms that you are likely to encounter on the job. With this application, you can quickly access a term you need to effectively communicate with a patient, or you can review and study all the flashcards to build your medical Spanish vocabulary. The English and Spanish terms are both professionally recorded, and an additional Spanish pronunciation key further reinforces proper pronunciation of the term.
Features include:

  • Familiar flashcard-like learning methodology, with a twist—check it out!
  • Convenient quiz mode for quick and easy self-assessment
  • Professionally recorded audio pronunciations of all the terms in both English and Spanish
  • Pronunciation key to ensure proper Spanish pronunciation of each term
  • Term categorization to help you focus on a particular grouping of medical terms
  • User-definable stacks so you can customize your learning experience, and exclude words you already know
  • Convenient "Play" mode, so you can just listen and learn, without having to look at the screen. Achieve maximum recall by leveraging both auditory and visual memory.
  • Powerful search engine to help you find specific words, or quickly and easily skip ahead.

Content for the mobile app, Spanish for Healthcare Professionals has been adapted from the glossary of Spanish for Nurses (ISBN 76.95 pb, 240 pp) by Rudy Valenzuela. Nurse Practitioner Rudy Valenzuela is President/CEO of FSP Health Ministries, a non-profit organization that sponsors Camillus Health Center in San Luis, AZ, and Clnica Santa Mara de Guadalupe in San Luis, Ro Colorado, Sonora, Mexico.

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Math for Nurses Mobile App for iPhone — .99

More than 100 math formulas, explanation, samples, solutions, and how-to's commonly used by nurses in the workplace and for licensure exams are found in this powerful app. With this application you can quickly find and learn the important math you need to know. This app is equipped with two user-friendly modes—math skills and nursing applications, plus a conversion calculator to help you arrive at accurate formulas and dosages.

Kaplan Math for Nurses mobile reference and conversion tool includes:

Math Skills: a general review of the following math subcategories:

  • Basic Arithmetic
  • Fractions and Converting Fractions
  • Decimals
  • Converting Percents
  • Ratios, Proportions, Rates and Converting

Nursing Applications: how these math skills apply in real-life nursing situations:

  • Basic Problem Solving and Strategies
  • Calculating Oral Medications
  • Calculating Parenteral Medications
  • Calculating Intravenous Medication
  • Age-Specific Considerations and Calculations
  • Enteral Feedings
  • Solution Strengths and Calculations

All topics (Math Skills and Nursing Applications) have four parts:

  1. the name of the topic
  2. information about the topic and/or how to solve a calculation
  3. sample math question related to the topic
  4. solution detailed explanation of how to get the correct answer to the sample

Scroll through topics to find what you are looking for.

Conversion Calculator

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