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  • Passage-Based Reading
    Sentence Completion
    Identifying Sentence Errors
    Improving Paragraphs and Sentences

    Reach your individual SAT/ACT* goals:

    Analyze your results and pinpoint skill gaps

    Target SAT test sections; provide explanations

    Customize an SAT Prep program just for you

    Teach academic knowledge and testing strategies

    stateSAT/ACT* Custom Program Packages

    45 Hours – Platinum Solution: This all inclusive program benefits students who are in grades 9-11 needing remediation in two or more academic areas, test-taking strategies, and guided instruction throughout the preparation and testing process.

    22 Hours – Gold Strategy: This program benefits students needing remediation in one or more academic areas.

    12 Hours – Silver Boost: This program benefits students who may have previously taken the SAT and need to increase their score in one section of the SAT or ACT.

    State Test Prep

    Every school requires standardized benchmarking tests that determine their level of curriculum comprehension. These tests are also important to your child’s academic placement in future years and even may determine promotion to the next grade level. This test is typically administered in the spring and is very important for your child’s academic future and often determine a school’s effectiveness as a learning institution.

    Omega understands the importance of these state tests and offers customized packages of instruction. Students benefit by learning test-taking strategies, taking practice tests, receiving remediation as needed and individual instruction by our highly qualified certified teachers.

    End of Course Test Prep

    End of course tests and final exams are becoming increasingly more important to each child in the country. Class curriculum has become more and more rigorous within increasing classroom sizes, leaving students to rely on their existing study skills to achieve a desired course grade and GPA. Omega’s individualized instruction can help your child prepare for their end of course test and succeed in Advanced Placement (AP) or Honors courses. Students may even satisfy graduation requirements faster, saving your family thousands of dollars.

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SAT Prep
SAT Prep
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