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Study online from anywhereThe University's extensive online environment provides you with access to the services and facilities you will need during your time as a CSU student. As a distance education student, these online facilities and services will form an essential component of your study, and will also meet many of your administrative and social needs as a student.

This means you are able to connect directly to areas such as Office for Students, Student Administration, the CSU Library, and the Coop Bookshop.

Successful Online Learning

Skills students need for successful online learning include:

  • Personal skills. In the online environment, and particularly as a distance education student, it's beneficial to be an active learner who takes responsibility for their own learning, motivation and self discipline.
  • Literacy skills. Studying online is dependent on strong reading and writing skills. Much subject content will be delivered by readings, and a lot of your communication will be in written form. If you know these are not your areas of strength, seek some support and try and develop these skills.
  • Study skills. Studying online requires many of the same skills as traditional face-to-face study. Things like time management, motivation, being clear of expectations and exam preparation still remain important aspects of study.
  • General computer skills. You will need at least a basic level of proficiency in computer use to successfully study online. Necessary -skills include word processing, file management, saving and printing.
  • Internet skills. Being able to go to specific URLs, book-marking, saving and printing web pages will all be important skills. More advanced skills such as web searching and website evaluation would also benefit most students.
  • Collaboration. Be prepared to explore key concepts and specialised knowledge through online forum discussions with other students, and your lecturers. Form an online study group or find a study buddy you can talk to on the phone or email.

CSU Interact

CSU Interact is the virtual learning and teaching space at CSU where students and lecturers meet to build community, share knowledge, and work together in an online scholarly environment.

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