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agb-logoGet the skills to brew professional-quality beer that will leave your friends in awe. Our premium online homebrewing courses have taught thousands of beer lovers to make their own beer at home.

Here’s what makes our courses different:

  • Lessons are clear, easy to follow, and organized so you don’t waste time searching for what you need
  • HD videos that don’t just tell you what to do, they show you…each step of the way
  • Expert homebrewing knowledge so you don’t just learn what to do – you learn why you’re doing it

When you become a member of one of our courses you join an elite group of brewers. If you’re ready to better beer than you thought possible, sign up for one of these courses today:

Batch 1 and Beyond
Break into homebrewing with our flagship course, Batch 1 and Beyond. It's a proven system for brewing delicious malt extract beer on your very first try. HD videos and step-by-step checklists guide you every step of the way.

brewing-worksheet - smallWho's it for?

• Beer lovers who are brand new to homebrewing and want to get started

• Brewers who have dabbled but aren't happy with their results

• Brewers who are having success and want to up their game

Stop spinning your wheels with Google searches and make Batch 1 and Beyond your single source for homebrewing knowledge.

The All-Grain Blueprint
All-Grain brewing gives you ultimate control over your beer. As an All-Grain Blueprint member you'll master the art and science of all-grain brewing. Wondering what gear you need? We've got you covered. Need detailed brewing steps? Done. Looking to have a little fun and experiment? You're in the right place.

Who's it for?

• New brewers or malt extract brewers who want to make the leap to all-grain

• All-grain brewers who want to nail down their process

• All-grain brewers who want to learn advanced techniques and push themselves to the next level

No other homebrewing course gives you the depth of all-grain information provided here - all wrapped up in a well-organized package.

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