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Over 1, 800 terms commonly used by architecture professionals are defined and categorized in this handy mobile reference and flashcard application. The Kaplan Architect Registration Exam (ARE) 4.0 Flashcards App is designed to help you learn important terms you will need both in the office and for your licensure exams. With this application, you can quickly scroll through terms to find a definition, use the search feature, or study and test your knowledge.

The Kaplan ARE 4.0 Flashcards App includes an alphabetical listing of all terms for ready reference. Study sets are grouped by exam division:

  • Building Design & Construction Systems
  • Building Systems
  • Construction Documents & Services
  • Programming, Planning & Practice
  • Site Planning & Design
  • Structural Systems

Use the Kaplan ARE 4.0 Flashcards App as a mobile reference and learning tool. The application works in two modes; Reference and Flashcards.

Reference mode includes the ability to:

  • Scroll alphabetically through the terms and quickly jump to a letter with an A–Z side panel
  • Search for a specific term, including terms within a definition
  • Easy text scrolling makes learning complex information more manageable
  • Try landscape view if you prefer to view definitions that way — just turn your device sideways

Flashcard mode includes the ability to:

  • Study a category or take a quiz to test your knowledge
  • Reverse the question & answer side of the flashcard to match the term instead
  • Switch to multiple-choice mode
  • Hide or show the score panel to track your progress and hone your study goals
  • Track your improvement with 5-star performance scoring
  • Set the font size you prefer

*The Kaplan ARE 4.0 Flashcards App is designed to be used for self-study and test preparation purposes only. The publisher is not responsible for the use of this application in any manner other than its intended purpose as a study guide.

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