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Lucas AllenKaplan is one of the best known names in test prep classes for getting students the extra ACT and SAT practice they need. What is probably less known is that Kaplan now offers online test prep in addition to the traditional classroom courses that they have offered for decades. If you're anxious about the math test (or any part really) on the SAT or ACT, you might want to consider taking advantage of this type of service for some extra math practice for the test.

Since I know a lot of Tech Powered Math readers are late high school students (and their parents) who are trying to evaluate test prep services, I decided to take a look at Kaplan's site to see exactly what they have to offer. Here are a few of the highlights that I discovered.

Free ACT and SAT Quiz Bank

I actually did an article on the Kaplan Quiz Bank recently. You need to go through a quick registration process, but there is no charge. The Quiz Bank automatically generates ACT or SAT practice problems for you to practice on. There are over 500 questions, and you can adjust the test settings. For example, you can choose SAT practice test, just math problems, timed or untimed, and level of difficulty. The Quiz Bank tracks your progress with statistics, and after you've taken a few practice tests, you'll have a good idea where your strengths and weakness are.

Online ACT and SAT prep courses

If you want to take our test practice up a level, the next option Kaplan offers is online prep courses for the ACT and SAT tests. At three installments of $33, the cost of the course is extremely reasonable. At the beginning of the course, you'll start by taking a diagnostic test so that Kaplan can determine where you need to most practice and study. From there, Kaplan's "Smart Track" system will design a study plan for you, and as you complete the online lessons and your test date nears, it will automatically adjust that plan based on your progress. The "Smart Reports" feature on the site will give you extremely detailed data on the progress you're making.

In terms of the actual class, Kaplan's site offers a combination of instructional videos and practice tests. There is an instructional video for every topic covered on the ACT and SAT tests. There are over 1200 practice problems, more than enough to keep you learning to the maximum until test day.

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