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SG For BlogThe NCARB Exam Guides for each division are required reading. In each Exam Guide, NCARB provides a sample passing and failing solution to the graphic vignette(s) in that particular division. Unfortunately, candidates often think that these passing solutions are ideal, when in fact they are merely "passing." Some "passing" solutions contain significant errors. What's more, not all of the errors in the failing solutions are noted.

Be sure you have the most recent version of the .

We have addressed these inaccuracies, omissions, and poor design decisions in the list below. If you have found an error you feel should be added to the list below, please let us know:

Programming Planning & Practice

Site Zoning Vignette:

There is only one "correct" solution to this problem. Errors in the passing solution are addressed in the text below the solution.

Site Planning & Design

Site Grading Vignette:

The sample passing solution violates the requirement that the slope of the regraded portions of the site must be at least 2%. The minimum slope is likely to be along the centerline of a new swale, from point to point. Use sketch lines to trace the centerline of a swale. If the centerline between points is comprised of multiple line segments, add the lengths of the line segments between the points (contour 105' to contour 106', for example). To maintain a 2% minimum slope, the sum of the lengths of the line segments must be

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