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The University of Virginia's Curry School of Education will offer its first online degrees this fall. They include two master of education degrees in reading education and curriculum and education, and an education specialist degree in reading education.

Faculty members worked alongside a team of instructional designers to determine the map out how best to use technology to support the curriculum. Classes are limited to just 20 to 25 students – the same admittance size as would be found in any of UVa's Curry School classrooms.

“The Curry School’s expansion of online offerings reflects this core value of embracing diverse learner populations and needs, ” said Stephanie Moore, assistant professor and online learning coordinator at the Curry School, to UVA Today. “It allows us to serve eligible students who may not be able to move for a degree, but who bring valuable experience and perspective into the learning environment.”

Moore further embellished on what the online classes will look like, saying that they'll focus on "research-based design features" like "rigorous instructional design, high degrees of interaction and feedback, and authentic activities that require students to apply content and develop skills."

Now, all students will be able to have access to the Curry School's incredible programs – regardless of their location.

The Curry School is no stranger to the online world of education. The school currently offers certificates and course series online that lead to endorsement and faculty in the reading education program have been developing and teaching classes online for the past 10 years.

For Moore, it's the ability to connect with your online community and interact with education experts around the country that make the Curry School's online offerings all the more appealing.

“While there are numerous resources for learners to access content, our emphasis and the growing emphasis of top online programs is to create opportunities for learners to access a quality educational experience, ” she said.

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