Toys for Preschool classroom

Set Up a Preschool Classroom Step 1.jpgStart out with a simple task. Choose your name. You can use your real name, but you can also choose one based on an animal, clothing item, food, street name, location. (i.e. Mrs. Cheetah). Just use anything that appeals to your class.


Circle Time: This is the central component of any preschool classroom, and as such, you should take a lot of time and effort into making it engaging not only for the students, but for the parents as well. Some things a circle should have:
  • a calendar
  • teacher books (books not accessible by the children during the day, but rather used only during circle or reading times with the teacher)
  • a CD player for any audio books, singing activities, or dances.
  • a cork, white, or felt board for placing your circle time items. Some things to put on the board:
  • a letter or sight word of the week,
  • a Spanish Word of the Week,
  • a Star of the Day
  • Daily Job List
  • a Class Constitution (list of rules, preferably child-directed)
  • a schedule for the day and/or week
  • a "Homework" Center (optional activities to do at home)
  • an emotions wheel
  • a weather wheel or chart
  • information about that week and/or month's theme(s).
  • Cubbies: Coat hooks, milk crates, or box shelves can all serve as cubby areas for children. Names should be clearly displayed. You may choose to make a separate area for lunchboxes and water bottles to reduce clutter.

    Teacher supplies: In addition to basic supplies that should be offered by your center, there are several items you may need to request or buy yourself. Some of these include:
  • art supplies
  • books (organize by theme or author)
  • office supplies
  • organizing tools
  • dress-up clothes
  • cooking supplies
  • cleaning supplies
  • bulletin board materials
  • lesson plan book
  • curriculum guides.
  • Part 2 of 8: Creating centers

    1. Set Up a Preschool Classroom Step 3.jpgUnderstand that creating centers can be a bit of a challenge. Add a STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) one to encourage early recognition of STEM, although you can do a math/science center instead. Treat the center like a "half-team".
    2. Math & Science: These toys and activities can take many forms, but many are fine motor toys.
    3. Pattern toys, such as multicolored bears or shape blocks are great for spatial understanding. Melissa & Doug are a great resource for these.
    4. There are various things you can do for a color mixing center, and there are many toys you can buy, but simply allowing access to watercolors and displaying a color wheel is enough for most kids to get pretty creative.
    5. Use your weekly or monthly theme to your advantage; using ladybug spots to create an addition game or The Very Hungry Caterpillar to encourage patterns are examples of creative ways to incorporate your theme.
    6. In the spring, catching bugs for a day or two can be fun; there are many companies that offer ants, caterpillars (and thus butterflies), and red worms (for classroom compost bins) for educational purposes.
    7. For general centers, there needs to be plenty of manipulatives. These can include:
    8. Legos
    9. Kinex
    10. People and cars
    11. Animals
    12. Mr. Potato Head
    13. Letters and numbers (magnets, felt, or plastic)
    14. Lincoln logs
    15. TinkerToys
    16. Play-doh or clay.
    17. Reading center: This is usually treated as a quiet area. Try to keep the number of children allowed in this center to 2-3, as more than that can cause the area to become an imaginative play center. Keep well-stocked with age-appropriate, theme-based books.


    Set Up a Preschool Classroom Step 2.jpg Set Up a Preschool Classroom Step 4.jpg Set Up a Preschool Classroom Step 5.jpg Set Up a Preschool Classroom Step 6.jpg
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