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When you first register to take the LSAT, you'll find that you must make a decision about where you'd like to take the test, since the LSAT is not administered at all testing locations on every test date. So, what do you do if the place you thought you'd be testing before you registered is not available when you signed up for the exam? Easy peasy. You find a new testing location - a published or "listed" LSAT test center, which are available for regular testing, Sabbath testing, and international testing.

Regular Published LSAT Test Centers

  1. Walk-in registration is not allowed under any circumstances at any test location, so don't waste your time waltzing into an LSAT test location on exam day, expecting to sit for the exam. It isn't going to happen.
  2. Be sure to check whether or not a test is actually being administered at one of the testing locations before you register. On the list of center codes, a "Yes" will be located under the columns for June, October, December and February if that test center is offering the exam.
  3. Register early! There is limited seating at every test location, so be sure to register as soon as you're sure you'd like to test. If you register online, you can check whether or not there is availability at your desired test location in real time so you can be sure you have a spot.

Saturday Sabbath Observers LSAT Test Centers

If you are a Saturday Sabbath observer and wish to test on a different day, then first, you'll need to submit a letter from your rabbi or minister indicating that this is so. Then, you'll need to find an LSAT test center that is administering the exam on an alternate date. You can get your Saturday Sabbath Observers test centers and codes, here. As with testing on a regular test date, you may not get your first choice for test centers if you don't register early!

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