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Kaplan’s comprehensive study solutions are considered the industry's gold standard, written by educators with more than 500 combined years of financial planning, training, and consulting experience.

Top-quality materials like these are the essential complement to your classroom instruction.

Kaplan Review Volumes 1–6

These individual volumes are an excellent addition to any required education program. They assist in bridging the gap between the education program and the exam. Each volume (1–6) contains complete reference outlines that give detailed coverage of each of the 6 tested areas of the CFP® Certification Examination, as well as examples, illustrations, and an index.

Note: The Review Volumes 1–6 with the Review QBank are included with the purchase of the Premium Live Review Study Solution and the Essential Study Solution.

  • Volume 1: Fundamentals and Ethical Considerations - ISBN: 346
  • Volume 2: Insurance and Employee Benefits Planning - ISBN: 353
  • Volume 3: Investment Planning - ISBN: 360
  • Volume 4: Income Tax Planning - ISBN: 377
  • Volume 5: Retirement Planning - ISBN: 384
  • Volume 6: Estate Planning - ISBN: 391

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Personal Financial Planning Series: Theory and Practice, 8th Edition

Covers the fundamentals of financial planning, offering an in-depth understanding of personal financial planning from a professional perspective.

Note: The Theory and Practice book is included with the purchase of the 101 and 102 Premium Study Solution.

ISBN: 429

Personal Financial Planning Series: Cases and Applications, 9th Edition

Offers 10 comprehensive financial planning cases, including exhibits and documents with more than 420 questions designed to help the student integrate the 78 Principal Topics List into the 8 Major Domains of the Financial Planning Process and apply them to real life.

ISBN: 025

Understanding Your Financial Calculator

Designed to help the student gain proficiency in using and understanding a financial calculator. In addition to helping master the keystrokes for the financial calculator, it also can assist students with the underlying financial theory problems on the exam. Being familiar with these financial calculations is critical because mastering these problems is an important step to passing the exam.

All calculations are presented step-by-step, showing keystrokes and displays for four of the most popular financial calculators: the HP-17bII/HP-17bII+, HP-12c, HP-10bII/ HP-10bII+, and TI-BAII PLUS.

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