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Building off of his prior military medical training while serving in the Army, Eric Woodrum is the very first graduate of Kaplan University’s Military Associate of Science in Health Science program.

The objective of the program is to further the educational and career goals of military students who have already received training for medical and health science occupational specialties (MOS). The completed training can be used toward earning this degree. In fact, many students may need just five courses to complete their degree (based on a full-time active-duty student who transfers in 65 quarter credit hours, the maximum amount of transfer credit).

Eric understands the value of a good education. Before he retired after 25 years in the military, Eric served in combat, had numerous deployments around the world, and also managed humanitarian missions in third world countries. His most recent position in the Army was as an academic manager, in charge of teaching, scheduling, and managing classes. His goal was to train his fellow servicemembers on the proper care, treatment, and evacuation of Soldiers in the field.

Eric heard about Kaplan University through a fellow servicemember, and enrolled in the Military Associate of Science in Health Science degree program. “Health care is an exciting and growing field, and I certainly had the experience, but I wanted to earn the credentials to work in the private sector, ” he said. “I always preached to my Soldiers about the importance of earning an education, because the Army, which is the largest corporation in the world, wants a well-rounded, highly trained, educated Soldier.”

Eric was very happy with his experience at Kaplan University. “From the staff to Internet support to administration—it was all above my expectations. Importantly, the professors were very thorough and knowledgeable in their fields. I have talked with many Soldiers about their experiences with the program and they have nothing but great comments. That says a lot about Kaplan University and its pursuit of excellence.”

After he earned his degree (Summa Cum Laude), he quickly landed a position at the Salus Group, a respected management consulting company specializing in medical modeling and simulation education and training. He is now in health management and consulting, and soon he plans to return to Kaplan University to earn his Project Management Professional (PMP) certification.

When asked what advice he would give to his fellow servicemembers, he said, “I always tell them to look at what you want 10 years from now, and then do your backwards planning and go for it. If you go to Kaplan University, it’s easy, the staff is incredible and easy to work with, and you have such a wide diversity in programs. And on top of all that, you get credit from your military medical training awarded toward a degree! You can’t beat that. Kaplan is the vanguard when it comes to taking care of Soldiers and their higher education pursuits.”

Kaplan University is honored to visit Eric at Fort Sam Houston—Senior Vice President of Military Affairs for Kaplan University Scott Kilgore presents a Kaplan coin to Eric, who is accompanied by his wife, Denise.

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