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Kaplan Test PrepThe Kaplan University universe is huge. If you run a quick google search regarding RN, BSN, Nursing, or the like, you will find something regarding Kaplan near the top of the search results. Search for the term Kaplan and the top ten results are all different Kaplan owned websites, except for the entry from Wikipedia. If you are a nurse or nursing student, then you have most likely heard of Kaplan books or Kaplan Test Prep. Kaplan offers an array of educational opportunities from Kaplan University and Kaplan College. But for us, we only need to truly understand the RN to BSN program.

It is only logical that Kaplan Incorporated (my made up term) is in the RN to BSN business. And with Kaplan’s solid reputation they are poised to offer a competitive program.

Kaplan University Online RN to BSN Review

So the real question that we want answered is, is Kaplan University’s Online RN to BSN Completion Program any good?

Kaplan Universisty, and indeed all Kaplan education offerings, is a for-profit institution. Many Kaplan educational fields are provided online, and some are provided in traditional classroom settings. The Kaplan RN to BSN transition program is 100% online. (If you are not yet a Registered Nurse, but are thinking about getting your Bachelor of Science in Nursing, or BSN, then Kaplan offers a BSN only program that can be completed online or in one of their brick and mortar schools.)

Back to the review, Kaplan is a quarter credit system and requires 180 quarter credits for completion of the RN to BSN program. If you already have an Associates Degree in Nursing, you may be able to transfer up to 120 quarter credits leaving only 60 credits to complete through Kaplan. If you do not have an Associates Degree, but rather a diploma or certificate in nursing, you will most likely only be able to transfer around 50 quarter credits leaving 130 credits left to take from Kaplan. As you can imagine, there is a significant price difference for nurses with an Associates Degree pursuing their BSN versus a diploma or certificate RN pursuing a BSN.


The big factor for many students or Registered Nurses thinking about transitioning to a BSN program is cost. Kaplan University ranks somewhere in the middle of the cost spectrum when compared with other RN to BSN programs. At $315 per quarter credit, Kaplan University isn’t the most expensive option out there, but it is definitely not the cheapest RN to BSN option either. We have calculated that a Registered Nurse with a previous Associates Degree can complete their Bachelor of Sciense of Nursing for approximately $20, 227. A Registered Nurse with a diploma or certificate background can expect to pay around $43, 477. See the Kaplan University details page for more information.

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