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In today's technology-filled world, digital literacy (understanding how to find information and communicate with others through digital technology) is vital for both educators and children. Technology is becoming a major component in education, which is why it's important for you to include a technology learning center in your preschool classroom or child care center. You can help children understand how to appropriately use technology while also creating an interactive learning environment that helps children explore the world and learn about their surrounding community.

If you don't know a lot about computers, are working with a small space, or have a limited budget, finding the best technology for your classroom and setting up your technology learning center can be a difficult process. Here are a few steps that can help make that process easier and can also help you create a technology learning center the kids in your care will love:

1. Find the Technical and/or Financial Support You Need

If you want to integrate more technology in your classroom but struggle with understanding how to use technology, see if another educator would be willing to help you become more comfortable with using computers. Technology classes at a local community college are another option. If you have a particular piece of technology in mind for your classroom, you can also see if the company offers trainings or tutorials for its customers.

If you're more worried about the funding for a new technology learning center, be sure to talk with the director at your child care facility about any grants or other funding opportunities you could use. If funding isn't immediately available, apply for grants or hold fundraisers to raise the money needed. Some companies offer financing options, so be sure to check those out as well if you're looking at a particular computer, whiteboard, or interactive table. Instead of individual classroom learning centers, child care facilities also have the option of creating a technology center or computer lab for classes to share and cut down on costs.

2. Determine the Size and Location of Your Technology Learning Center

Once you have the technical and financial support you need, the next step is to determine the size and location of your technology learning center. The size of your technology center will depend largely on what type of technology you want to incorporate. One or two desktop computers will need a more defined space than more portable options, such as laptops, interactive tables, or interactive whiteboards. The overall size of your classroom, the total number of learning centers in the space, the number of children in your class, and the number of children you want to use the technology center at one time will also impact its size.

If you decide to integrate desktop computers in your classroom, your technology learning center will need to be more traditional and permanently located. Desktop computers usually encourage individualized learning and have a low noise level, so try to set up your technology center close to other quiet learning centers, such as the literacy center or the art center.

International Playthings Early Learning Centre (ELC) Toybox Frankie Frog and his Flying Machine Baby Toy
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