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Yesterday I visited the recently opened first fast-food joint from The Melt, founded by Flip camera creator Jonathan Kaplan (more on The Melt’s launch here and here). So what has a grilled cheese sandwich restaurant got to do with conferences?

Quite a lot actually, at least this particular one. Kaplan has created an interesting way to handle the order-queue-delivery workflow.

It’s not fully implemented yet (the store is just a few days old) but it will ideally work like this:

  1. Select your sandwich and/or soup combo using the mobile App (or at the register). The app will generate a bar code/QR code identifying your order
  2. When you’re at the store, scan the code on a scanner located at the counter (you could have paid for the order online or you can do it when you get there)
  3. The kitchen gets an alert that you’re ready to eat and the details of your order.
  4. A few minutes later your grilled cheese sandwich is ready and they call out your initials for you to pick-up the tray

Sounds familiar? It’s actually very similar to the registration process at a conference.

The flow at a conference would be more or less as follows:

  1. You buy your ticket online and you get a receipt with a QR code that you can print and bring to the venue or (ideally) display on your smartphone
  2. When you arrive at the venue you stand up in line and you scan your code, indicating that you’re ready to pick up your badge. The badge is sent to the printer (usually just the label with your name/company which will be applied onto the badge)
  3. If there are several registration counters, a screen at the entrance of the queue indicates to which one you should proceed to pick up your badge
  4. When you get in front of the registration assistant, you say your name (and show some kind of identification) and she provides your badge
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