SAT Prep courses San Antonio

Standardized testing can be intimidating and difficult if you don't know what you're up against. Lonestar Education offers the best test preparation in San Antonio by demystifying the tests through a combination of technique training and practice. We always use real test materials from the test-makers and can provide a degree of personalization impossible to find in large preparation classes. We teach what you need to learn to beat the test and don't waste your time with useless exercises. Our instructors are thoroughly trained not only in general test-taking and instruction, but also are high-scoring experts in the particular tests they teach.

Institutional Partnerships

In order to fulfill our vision of offering high quality test preparation classes to the broadest array of area students, Lonestar Education forms partnerships with regional educational institutions. For more information about the classes, contact us or the institutions listed below.

Call (210) 737-TEST or use our contact form to ask about these or other tests.

Links to the Websites of the Standardized Tests

To get more details about signing up for the actual tests, the first thing to do is visit the website of the test maker. Many of the sites also have free preparation tools such as the PowerPrep software for the GRE. The test makers are not affiliated with Lonestar Education.


Sentence Completion Techniques>

One of the many difficulties of standardized testing is learning to use counterintuitive techniques to beat the test. This tutorial is designed to show you how to best approach SAT and GRE sentence completions.

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